20 belongings you Can Learn from Your Pets

Forget Multitasking

When dogs have employment to try to do, they provide it their undivided attention. It seems people should probably do an equivalent. Stanford researchers found that focus and memory suffer in those that juggle work, email, and web-surfing, compared to those that specialize in one task at a time. Other studies suggest employees lose time when multitasking.

Take Naps

You won’t catch your pet going from dawn to dusk with no shut-eye. There’s good evidence humans can enjoy catnaps, too. A study involving about 24,000 people indicates regular nappers are 37% less likely to die from a heart condition than people that nap only occasionally. Short naps also can enhance alertness and job performance.

Walk a day 

Whether you’ve four legs or two, walking is one of the safest, easiest ways to burn calories and boost heart health. Taking regular walks also can help you:

Fight depression

Lose weight

Lower your risk for type 2 diabetes

Lower the danger of breast and carcinoma 

Keep your bones strong

Keep your mind sharp

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