Depression in Dogs

Even dogs can get the blues. study symptoms and coverings for dog depression.

Maybe you’ve just moved, or you’ve brought home a replacement baby. Out of the blue, your usually energetic pooch is withdrawn and listless. Could your dog be depressed? Yes, say experts. And, depression in dogs isn’t so different from depression in people.

When Jodie Richers’ dog, Bada, died in 2002, her two other dogs, Terrace and Pumba, went through a mourning period. “We were all sad, but we got through it,” said Richers, of Roswell, Ga. “We did many car rides and dog parks; all the items they enjoyed.”

But when Pumba died in 2007, nothing could bring Terrace out of her funk. “She just got worse and worse,” Richers said. “At first she just shook. Then she wouldn’t continue walks. Then she stopped eating. Then she stopped drinking. She spent all her time hiding during a closet or behind an enormous mirror in my bedroom.” Richers’ vet diagnosed the fluffy, 35-pound mixed breed with dog depression.

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