Enriching Your Dog’s Life

Boredom and excess energy are two common reasons for behavior problems in dogs. This is sensible because they’re meant to steer active lives. Wild dogs spend about 80% of their waking hour’s hunting and scavenging for food. puppies are helping and dealing alongside us for thousands of years, and most are bred for a selected purpose, like hunting, farming, or protection. For instance , retrievers and pointers were bred to locate and fetch games and water birds. Scent hounds, like coonhounds and beagles, were bred to seek out rabbits, foxes, and other small prey. Dogs like German shepherds, collies, cattle dogs and sheepdogs were bred to herd livestock.

Whether dogs were working for us or scavenging on their own, their survival once trusted many exercises and problem-solving. But what about now?

Today’s Job Description: idler 

Today that’s all changed. Now the foremost common description for dogs is Couch Potato! While we’re away at work all day, they sleep. And once we click , we serve them free food during a bowl—no effort required from them. They eat more calories than they will use. The result’s dogs who are bored, silly, often overweight, and have an excessive amount of energy. It’s an ideal recipe for behavior problems.

What Does Your Dog Need?

It’s not necessary to quit your job, take up ducking or get yourself a bunch of sheep to stay your dog out of trouble. However, we encourage you to seek out ways to exercise her brain and body. Read on for a few fun, practical ways to complement your dog’s life, both when you’re around and when you’re not. You’ll find that these ideas go an extended way toward keeping your dog happy and easier to measure with. try a couple and see what you and your dog enjoy most.

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