Enriching Your Dog’s Life

Tips for Alone Time

Because we all lead busy lives, our dogs often find yourself spending an honest portion of their day home alone. If you give your dog “jobs” to try to when she’s by herself, she’ll be less likely to return up together with her own ways to occupy her time, like unstuffing your couch, raiding the trash, or chewing on your favorite pair of shoes. Plus, she’ll be less likely to enthusiastically tackle you once you click , after she’s spent each day doing nothing but recharging her batteries!

Food puzzle toys

Food puzzle toys are sturdy containers, usually made from vulcanite or plastic, that hold food or treats inside but don’t give dogs quick access to the food. they typically have holes on each end or the edges , and dogs must work by shaking, pawing, rolling, nibbling, or licking the toy to urge the food to return out. Food puzzle toys require time, patience and problem-solving—all skills that are good for your dog and can help her enjoy quiet time alone. Since our dogs’ wild counterparts spend much of their time scavenging for food, food puzzle toys offer a natural solution to pet-dog boredom. Puzzle toys also encourage chewing and licking, which may have a relaxing effect on dogs.

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