Everything You Should Know For Flying Fox (fruit bat)

Flying foxes are a number of the most important bat species within the world, and therefore the large fruit bat species has the longest wingspan of any bat. These megabats are their taxonomical genus, and there is a minimum of 60 known species alive today. Unfortunately, these creatures are particularly susceptible to human threats, and lots of species are endangered. Read on to find out about the fruit bat.

Description of the flying fox

Most flying foxes aren’t immensely large, and their size can range from 0.26 – 3.53 lbs. among species and individuals. Females are generally smaller than males, and most fruit bat species weigh but 21 oz. or so.

The foxes differ from other bats during a few ways. they need no tails, and their bodies are coated in dense fur but the wings. These bats have large eyes and little ears, leading to a small resemblance to a fox’s face.

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