Keeping Your Cat off Countertops and Tables

Cats are supreme tree-climbing hunters, with strongly muscled backs and hindquarters that give them tremendous power to jump-either horizontally or vertically. It’s normal for cats to leap and climb to high places as they explore their environment. they need sharp, protractile (extendable) claws that function useful crampons for climbing.

Why Do Cats wish to Climb?

Cats climb for several reasons. They hunt down high vantage points, like countertops and shelves, to survey their territory. they will leap onto bookshelves or scale drapes to flee from another household pet or from something that scares them. Tables and therefore the top of the refrigerator often provide warm, sunny places to snooze. Cats can learn to patrol or “surf” countertops, stovetops, and tables in search of tasty tidbits left behind. Although cats are graceful acrobats and infrequently break things or pose a danger to themselves, some pet parents prefer that their cats keep off certain countertops and tables.

It’s reported that the Ragdoll breed dislikes heights and is a smaller amount inclined to climb, so if you don’t yet have a cat and would like the one that stays on the bottom, a Ragdoll might be a superb choice.

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