Keeping Your Cat off Countertops and Tables

Alternatives to Climbing on Countertops and Tables

It’s best to not stifle your cat’s normal jumping and climbing behavior. Your cat is going to be much happier if you’ll provide her with acceptable outlets for climbing, jumping, escaping, resting, and inspecting the environment. If you don’t, your cat will likely continue leaping up onto forbidden surfaces. Indoor cat “tree” furniture with natural bark or carpeting and cozy platforms is a perfect substitute. Kitty condos (another sort of indoor vertical furniture designed for cats), with abundant comfortable perching and sleeping areas, are very appealing to most cats. Offer many comfortable nesting beds in warm areas or with burrowing material for extra warmth. Cats who wish to gaze out windows or sleep within the sun appreciate commercially available kitty shelves that attach to window sills, like the Kitty Sill and therefore the LazyPet Deluxe Window Perch. Some, just like the Thermo Kitty Sill, even accompany heaters built into the cushions.

Perpetually hungry cats who explore kitchen countertops for food are often easier to discourage if they get more to eat. Feed several small meals each day or, if your cat isn’t overweight, provide free access to food. (If you opt to undertake free feeding, monitor your cat’s weight closely and return to giving her regular meals if she starts to place on weight.) make certain to place all desirable human food away so that your cat isn’t rewarded with tasty surprises when she hops abreast of counters.

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