know Everything About The Beautiful Quetzal Bird

Quetzals are considered by many of us to be the foremost beautiful bird within the world. they’re medium-sized birds that sleep in the mountainous, tropical forests of Central America. There are six species of the quetzal. they’re most well-known for the extremely striking colors in their plumage, and therefore the very long tail feathers of the males. Read on to find out about the quetzal.

Description of the Quetzal

Quetzals are a rather squat, robust-looking bird. Their most striking feature is their coloration, as their plumage may be a combination of brilliant blues, greens, and reds. The most body feathers are a metallic green or blue, with a vibrant red chest and belly. Feathers under the tail are sometimes a contrasting white.

Both males and females have these colors, but those of the males tend to be more vivid, and therefore the females’ colors sometimes include grays or browns. In some species, the male and feminine are differently colored, i.e. they’re “sexually dimorphic.” Their beak is bright yellow. The males grow twin tail feathers that become a tremendous train up to three ft (1 m) long, and therefore the males of some species have a golden-green crest on their heads.

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