The 10 beauty routines of Japanese women to stay skin young

top ways Japanese to get younger skincare naturally shining

When it involves keeping your skin young, the Japanese beat all the corners. Indeed, the Japanese hide their age alright. They hide it so well, sometimes it’s hard to guess who the mother, sister or daughter is. If you think that that genetics alone is liable for this, you’re wrong.

skincare routine for a face exfoliator

Japanese women have secret beauty, miracle routine and grandmother recipe, which we’ll divulge to you.

1- Rinse your face with rice water:

Rice from plantations is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that protect the skin from premature aging, soothe it, gives it shine and shine. For many years, Japanese women have been using rice water to scrub their faces and hair. Only a small downside, the rice water prepared beforehand, so if you’ve got time, try making fermented rice water.

So, put half a cup of rice during a clean bowl and rinse the rice with clear water several times. Then add two cups of water and soak the sweetbreads for a couple of hours. Filter the rice and keep the water from the rice during a glass jar for 1-2 days at temperature.

You can see that your fermented rice water is prepared when its smell maybe a little sour. Only then are you able to use your rice water? you’ll wash your face with this solution daily.

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