30 Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

Sure, cats appear to be fickle creatures, but they will be extremely affectionate to the humans that they love. these are the items cats do once they love you.

1. The moon you

Seriously. they’re going to stick their little booties in your face once they love you. The meaning is gross, yet sweet at an equivalent time.

“This is particularly true if your cat is performing the elevator butt pose (lowered chest and raised buttocks with tail up high),” says Emily Parker of Catological.

2. They reveal their bellies

Ah yes, the elusive belly reveals.

“Some cats will show you their belly, which suggests they trust you. But oftentimes it might be a tempting trap so approach bellies with caution!” Melanie Deisz of cat-sitting company Meowtel says. (what cats eat).

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