30 Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

Sure, cats appear to be fickle creatures, but they will be extremely affectionate to the humans that they love. these are the items cats do once they love you.

1. The moon you

Seriously. they’re going to stick their little booties in your face once they love you. The meaning is gross, yet sweet at an equivalent time.

“This is particularly true if your cat is performing the elevator butt pose (lowered chest and raised buttocks with tail up high),” says Emily Parker of Catological.

2. They reveal their bellies

Ah yes, the elusive belly reveals.

“Some cats will show you their belly, which suggests they trust you. But oftentimes it might be a tempting trap so approach bellies with caution!” Melanie Deisz of cat-sitting company Meowtel says. (what cats eat).

3. Their tails are ‘emotional barometers’

If you’re ever confused about how your cat is feeling, take a glance at their tail. counting on the form it’s making and the way it’s moving, your cat might be expressing whether they’re annoyed, happy, scared, etc.

For example, a wagging tail usually means they’re annoyed or angry.

 A tail that’s tucked between their legs might mean they’re scared — a bit like it does for dogs.

As for loving behaviors, a cat wrapping their tail around their human’s legs indicates affection. An upright tail with a small curve at the top is additionally a telling tale (get it?) of affection cat food.

4. Their tails vibrate

“Cats that love you’ll put their tail straight up within the air with a take up the top (like a candy cane),” says Karen Reese, the animal behavior manager at Operation Kindness. “They may vibrate their tail once they see you indicating their excitement.”

Remember what I said about cats’ tails being “emotional barometers”? this is often an ideal example of the varied cat tail behaviors that indicate a cat’s emotions.

Don’t confuse tail vibrations with tail-wagging, says an April 2019 report in Catological. Tail wags mean they’re angry, usually.

5. they provide you ‘gifts’

“Outdoor cats may bring their owners clothes, shoes, sponges, leaves, flowers, and just about anything they will find and transport,” Emily Parker of Catological says.

Sometimes, an outside cat might bring you a little animal as a present. If you get angry at your cat, they’ll be confused because they know it as bringing you a gift.

If you’re worried about vermin dying, it’s best to stay your cat indoors.

“Indoor cats may pick things out of the laundry or stuffed animals from around the house and convey them to you,” says Parker. “Just remember … it’s the thought that counts.”

6. They bite you — but it’s not what you think!

If your first thought is — wait, what? Biting = love? We don’t blame you. It seems unlikely that a bite from an animal would be loving, but you’d be surprised.

“If your cat is supplying you with small bites, they’ll be saying that they love you,” says Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM. “The bites are usually more playful and don’t hurt.”

If your cat is biting you HARD and doing other behaviors that indicate anger — e.g., hissing, ears back, growling, etc. — then that isn’t a bite of affection, that’s a bit of hatred. If your cat is angry, then back off!

7. They puff their tummies

So, I’m not entirely sure about now, but my cat does this while doing her vibrating tail move.

“I have seen them do that once they are marking their territory,” Dr. Ochoa told me. “I would think that (she) is marking you as (hers).”

Combine a vibrating tail with a puffy tummy and you get a cheerful, loving cat is my reasoning. Why would she “mark me as her territory” if she doesn’t love me? Right?

8. They blink slowly at you

When a cat stares deeply into your eyes and blinks slowly, that’s their way of claiming, “I love you.” It seems weird, but it’s legit a loving act of cat kindness.

“Cats take blink-less stares as a challenge whereas slow blinks may be a sign of affection,” Melanie Deisz of cat-sitting company Meowtel says.

“If you would like to inform a very difficult cat that you simply are often trusted, try slow blinking. Sometimes it works! Other times, they’ll rotate and walk off .”

If the slow blinks don’t work, don’t fret! Sometimes it takes cats a touch of your time to urge won’t to you. cat food brands.

9. They roll

Sometimes when they’re happy to ascertain you, cats will throw themselves down at your feet and begin rockin’ and rollin’! When kids do that, they’re having a tantrum, writes Amy Shojai within the Spruce Pets. But when cats do that, it’s all about love.

“This may be a loving greeting and means they need your attention, especially if they show you their belly”.

we talked that the elusive belly reveals being a symbol of affection. However, proceed with caution if you’re trying to pet the belly.

10. They scratch areas related to you

Cats scratch for various reasons — to get rid of dead outer layers of their claws, to stretch their bodies and feet, and to mark their territory visually and scent-wise. Keeping this last point in mind, concentrate on where your cat scratches.

If they’re scratching in areas related to you, they could be leaving visual and scented marks of ownership in those areas. These scratches everywhere the couch prove they’re not YOUR cat, you’re THEIR human.

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