30 Weird Things Cats Do When They Love You

11. They headbutt you (aka ‘head bunt’)

Cats show affection for their humans by “headbutting” them — correctly called “head bunting” by animal behaviorists.

“Head bunting refers to a variety of behaviors that has anything from a mild pressing of the cat’s head against yours to a rough ‘bonk,’” says Dawn LaFontaine of retailer Cat within the Box.

“There are temporal glands on a cat’s head and these are what are being deployed during a head bunt,” says LaFontaine. “The scent glands secrete a fatty substance which will be transferred from the cat to other objects, cats, and other people, and when a cat is head bunting, she is transferring her scent to you.”

12. They lick you

“It’s the peak of affection or a minimum of acceptance to groom their human by licking, nibbling skin, hair or their caregiver’s clothing,” Layla Morgan Wilde, cat expert and founding father of Cat Wisdom 101, says. “This spreads a well-known group scent making the human a part of the kitty tribe.”

With their sandpaper-like tongues, cats dedicate an outsized part of their days to self-grooming. you ought to be honored that your cat wants to incorporate you during this sacred ritual.

13. They play with you

Just like we watch TV or practice our hobbies, cats have things they wish to do for fun. No. 1 on their list — playing! And what makes playing even better for them is twiddling with a trusted companion (e.g., YOU or another beloved human).

“Some cats may very well control the interaction by moving just out of reach so you’re forced to return to them and begin playing,” writes Shojai within the Spruce Pets.

Now that’s just plain sneaky. looks like Fluffy may be a bit smarter than you thought, huh?

14. They follow you

“If your feline friend follows you from room to room, jumps onto tables and counters to be near you, and always seems to be right where you step, she enjoys your company,” Laura Moss writes in Mother Nature Network.

They might especially be underfoot when it’s nearing feeding time.

So that’s why Fluffy always follows you into the bathroom! they need to be by your side always — even at your most vulnerable moments on the porcelain throne.

15. They hug you — with their tails

This goes back to cattails being emotional barometers (slide three). The sturdy force often wont to help with cats’ balance can indicate approval and possession. This is often expressed when cats brush up against a person’s and wind their tail around them.

According to a piece of writing on PetMD, cats do that move to inform the planet, “Yes, this is often my human.”

When taking my cat to the vet for her annual checkup, I saw her wind her tail around the vet’s leg and felt a pang of jealousy.

16. They opened up 

If your furry friend is feeling relaxed and happy around you, they could stretch out and lounge the heck out! This is often an undeniable sign of comfort. If a cat wasn’t comfortable and calm around you, they could hide or hiss until you get away and leave them be

My favorite pastime is reading a book about the radical feminist theory on my bed while my cat, Zoe, stretches out next to me. I imagine she feels comforted by my presence also as my pro-woman choice of literature.

17. They knead you

To the feline-unaware, the entire notion of “kneading” might sound strange. This is often when cats push their paws in and out against blankets, pillows, other cats, and even YOU, during a rhythmic fashion. If you’ve made bread before, you’ve likely done an equivalent move.

“If your cat is curled and kneading your lap while you’re petting him, he’s returning the love and telling you he loves you right back,” reads a post in PetMD.

Unfortunately, these cute behaviors are often painful for humans. to stop scratches, put a blanket between you and your cat’s claws.

18. They sleep next to you

In case you haven’t noticed, cats sleep 12 to 16 hours each day.

“Since they’re the foremost vulnerable while sleeping, the place your cat chooses to snooze must be a secure and trusted location,” writes Shojai within the Spruce Pets.

Sometimes sleeping by their human side could be that secure and trusted location they seek! believe it: You’re an enormous, warm cuddly buddy for your kitty to be comforted by. they could sleep on your lap once you watch movies or sleep on your bed while you get beauty rest.

19. They ‘talk’ to you

Cats use meows to speak with humans. especially, cats wish to offer you a touch trill.

A trill “is a sound that a cat makes once they are feeling content, and it often is employed as their ‘greeting’ to the humans that they admire,” writes Modi Ramos in Cole and Marmalade. I feel it seems like a touch chirping noise and honestly, really darn cute.

It’s often said that cats don’t meow at other cats. They’ll reserve other noises for fellow felines — perhaps hissing if they don’t like one another …

20. They rub their cheeks on you

Cats show their love “dancing cheek to cheek” — aka rubbing their cheeks on you.

“Kitties have scent glands on their cheeks that produce pheromones,” writes Marilyn Krieger in Catster. “In addition to showing their favorite people trust and affection, felines mark ownership through the behavior and mingle their scents with those they’re attached to.”

This is an identical behavior to “head bunting,” aka head butting.

For cats which may be new friends, you’ll invite them to be friends by extending an index or a distribution for them to smell. Cats that accept your invitation might rub their cheeks on your hand in appreciation.

21. They hang around with you

“Felines like being around those they feel an affinity for. Your special kitty could be relaxing near you or napping on your lap,” writes Marilyn Krieger in Catster. “She might position herself so that she touches you — her back could also be against your leg or she reaches out and pats you with a paw.”

Even if your cat isn’t super cuddly, they still want to be around you. they could just want to place their paw on you or sit next to you. they need to be around folks that they feel on the brink of — aka YOU or another person in your household which will look after them.

22. They sit on you

Cats may sit on you because they need to rest and hang around in an area — during this case, an individual — that creates them to feel safe and comforted. Also, cats love the heat of a person’s lap. They sleep for about 12-16 hours and need their beauty rest to be cozy as heck!

“Like most … busy pe(people) you furthermore may perhaps stay out of your home … most of the time” reads a post on Cat Facts for teenagers. “Wh(en) you finally revisit to your house, your furry buddy likes to adore you, by sitting on you or 

23. They sleep on your clothes

“Cats find comfort and familiarity in scents that accompany their territory, and things that they like which makes them happy,” reads a piece of writing in Pets4Homes. “This includes, of course, the scent of you as their person, and garments that you simply have worn are going to be imbued together with your distinct scent.”

If you would like a cat to use that $50 cat bed you bought for them (but they never used), try placing a bit of your clothing on the cat bed. (Make sure it’s one that you simply don’t mind getting cat hair on!) The kitty in question might climb into that cat bed!

24. They rub against your legs

This behavior is analogous to slip number 15 — cats hugging humans with their tails. We all know that cats wish to rub their cheeks on humans and heads but humans have precise affection. Cats also rub against their human’s legs to point out their love.

“Rubbing against another creature is how cats show affection. If your cat rubs up against your leg … he’s putting his scent on you as to how of claiming you as his own,

25. They greet you once you get home

“The easiest method to understand that your cat loves you is that if they’re excited to ascertain you after you’ve been out of the house — meaning minutes or hours,” Melanie Deisz of Meowtel says. “Cats show their excitement by chatting with/at/towards you upon your arrival.”

You might expect this is often just a dog’s behavior, but no — the doorstep greetings also are a feline method of indicating affection. Your kitty is simply letting you recognize that they’re super glad to ascertain their favorite person within the whole wide world — YOU!

26. They purr

You don’t need to be a cat expert to understand that purring is a sign of happiness.

“You’ll often hear this rumbling, vibrating noise while you’re petting your cat,” writes Shojai within the Spruce Pets. “Purrs also can mean your cat is upset but it’s not as common.”

For people who haven’t heard a cat purr, it seems like a touch motor that creates the entire kitty vibrate happily.

27. Play together with your cat

True, cats do wish to bum within the sun for an honest portion of their day. However … “That doesn’t mean cats don’t need or enjoy playing games with their owners,” reads a post on Vetstreet. “Cats like to be mentally and physically stimulated and that they like to spend time twiddling with their owners.”

Cats are extremely curious creatures. Once they get into your bags or shred toilet tissue, they’re not “acting out,” but rather are bored and trying to be mentally stimulated. to scale back the probabilities of your entire toilet tissue stash being shredded, play together with your cat!

28. Slow blink back!

“By blinking slowly at your cat, you’re communicating that you simply are conscious of its presence and pose no threat,” writes Adriane Bishko in Fetch by WebMD. “So the next time your cat blinks at you, try returning the gesture.”

This could be especially useful as a tactic when trying to befriend a fearful cat. If you blink at them, you’re trying to inform them that you simply “come in peace.” If that doesn’t work, leave that scaredy-cat alone, my friend.

29. allow them to sleep next to you

A lot of individuals let their pets sleep within the bed with them — the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimated during a 2011 report that but 60% of individuals within the U.S. share their bed with a furry friend.

While they’ll make your kitty super pleased (sleeping with humans makes cats feel comforted, safe, and warm), there’s also a risk for diseases to urge spread to humans, the CDC report details. especially, “zoonotic diseases.”

30. Pet your cat

Some cats love nothing quite to be pet and can purr with delight if you are doing so.

“Many cats, despite the common and protracted myth that they’re aloof, welcome affection from their people,” writes Christine O’Brien during a blog post on Hill’s.

“Petting and holding your cat helps build a loving relationship between the 2 of you,” O’Brien continues.

Some cats do want their space and minimal petting (read: tortoiseshell cats with “fortitude”) and a few cats don’t like petting in the least, like feral cats.

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